Strategum’s Wisdom Series

Strategum’s Wisdom Series

MM International School (MMIS) values our tradition and culture extensively, We are no doubt living in 21st century but we strongly feel that it is our responsibility to ensure that our traditions and culture is passed on to our next generation. School culture should encourage and inculcate values along with Academics and Learning.

Strategum’s Wisdom Series have different modules to inculcate different values in children


A module devised to revive the essence and soul of different festivals by explaining the students about its significance, how it is celebrated in different parts of the country and much more. It is supported by interesting and unique activities for the children.

Values we value

A module devised to enrich the human values with short and meaningful stories.

Well-ness and Fitness

A module planned for the overall well-ness and fitness of the students.

Academics and Learning