Franchise Enquiry

Franchise Enquiry

MM International School believes in creating a revolution in the education space. If this is your passion, and you’re looking for taking up the franchise of an international preschool, then this is the business opportunity you’ve been looking for. We believe in taking on passionate business partners who are eager to promote quality education and look forward to building a long-term fruitful business relationship with us. We have developed a proven business model that is continuously delivering robust Return on Investment for our franchisees.

By partnering with us, you will get maximum support in setting up and running your play school business. During the pre-launch phase, we will provide complete assistance in identifying and evaluating the site for your preschool. All the legal documentation associated with the property will be taken care of by our legal experts, so that you have complete peace of mind. The lease or outright purchase agreements will be carefully scrutinized by our expert legal team to ensure that they are not tilted in favor of the other party. We will also conduct the entire market survey on your behalf for determining the existing and future business potential.

MM International school teaches the best curriculum, which is created by experts after carefully accounting for the specific learning objectives for pre-schoolers. For helping toddlers experience concepts in a playful manner, the curriculum focuses on learning by doing rather than learning by rote and ensures every child’s holistic development based on development milestones and sequential learning.

MM Junior is the most fun and exciting place for toddlers to begin their life adventure. We make the transition from home to school faster and easier. At MM International School, learning is centered on children and their personal needs. It’s crafted with passion and delivered with energy and enthusiasm. When children learn new things about the world in a playful way, the learning process becomes enjoyable, encourages discovery and sparks curiosity and creativity. We give teachers full support and freedom for suitably tailoring the child’s learning experience, backed by science and immeasurable experience. We are a mentor to help parents in parenting and a willing partner who immediately responds to feedback. MM Junior also focuses on igniting curiosity, creativity and confidence in children who are experiencing a life outside their home for the first time. For ensuring that children flourish in their own unique way, our teachers are specially trained to pay personal attention to every child’s needs. The learning pattern of our children will be transformed only when their academic and non-academic education is created and delivered with passion. We provide regular training to our teachers for keeping them up to date with the latest teaching trends. While we do focus on providing fun to the children in every moment they spend in school, we are totally uncompromising on each child’s physical and emotional safety.

We invite you to become a part of our growing family and make your mark in the fast growing business category of providing quality first-time educational services to children of discerning families. All across India’s metros and smaller cities, the awareness and financial capability of giving premium quality international preschool education is growing rapidly.

We offer you the best Play School Franchise opportunity in India with MM Junior. For becoming our franchisee, kindly fill up the form for details.