All Round Development

We want our students to take the right path in this journey called life and hence we leave no stone unturned to inspire them exploring their true potential. In order to do the same, we employ following methodologies.

Bridge Course :

Bridge Courses is a contemporary idea of imparting high customary education at MMIS.

Handwriting :

To improve the Handwriting of the children, special practice classes and activities are conducted

Homework :

Homework should not be a burden for a MMIS student and therefore to reduce the same, homework is completed by the child in the school itself, under the able guidance of teachers.

Worksheets :

Children learn better through study aids, Worksheets are one of the most important study aids which not only increase the interest of the child but also help him/her to reminisce for longer duration.

English Language :

The mode of teaching is English in MMIS, other than in Hindi and Sanskrit classes.

Creative Writing :

At MMIS, we have the concept of Creative Writing in English so as to improve the creativity and to enhance the vocabulary of children.

Field trips and Educational Tour :

Junior wing of the school is taken for field trips very often to different places like Post Office, Banks, Hospital, etc. Senior students often go on Educational Tours in guidance of their teachers.

Activity Calendar :

The school has well planned and developed Activity Calendar comprising of different activities for the children for their overall development.

Co-curricular Activities :

Includes poetry, recitation, elocution, debate, music, dance, art & craft, role play and drama.

Hobbies :

We encourage student to develop hobbies as per his tastes and likings, under the mentorship of connoisseurs.


We shall have three P.T.Ms in the session: Before the Formative Assessment to orient the Parents about the CCE Pattern, After the First Semester and After the Second Semester.

General Knowledge :

Grey Caps Programs will be introduced for the development of General knowledge of the children.

Movie Time :

MMIS provides the opportunity for the students to watch informative movies.


MMIS have ERP system. Web-Based School management Software that automates and integrates the school operations and processes.

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