It's not what is poured into a student that counts but what is planted...

Vision Statement

We envision creating such an environment of learning that highlights on proactive thinking. This leads to a competent generation of constructive leadership in this new and punitive world.

The Mission

Fostering and inspiring success in a suite of good health and benign environment is our mission. We welcome students from all cultures and backgrounds and embolden them to accomplish their full potential. We understand how important it is for children to open their minds and hearts in order to grasp new skills, knowledge, values and attitudes in life and thus, it is our mission at MM International School (MMIS) to create such responsible, confident, independent and co-operative citizens of India who are capable of meeting challenges of the evolving world at large. We undertake the responsibility of creating future of the country who respects the environment they live in and also show reverence and tolerance to all around them.

The Goal

MM International School (MMIS) is not an ordinary school. It has been fashioned to concoct a platform of learning which accentuates on proactive thinking, thereby moulding a generation of creative and thus complete individuals. It aims at facilitating a smooth and stress free educational environment for the overall development of children along with providing them support to meet all kinds of challenges of the real world. Not to miss, the School’s primary objective is to offer quality education to children without bias and prejudice.


  • Admission Open

    Dear Parents, Admission open for class Nursery to IX. Apply online. *only for 30 Students for each class.

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